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Shivanasamudra : Gaganachukki and Bharachukki waterfalls

Gaganachukki waterfalls

Monsoon is the time when the earth gets dressed in green. The heavy downpour and sometimes a light drizzle along with the cool breeze soothes your mind and soul as it gently touches your face . The lush green plants in the farms alongside the wet road, the river overflowing with the water and couple of ancient temples in the village with the backdrop of a hill gives the perfect picture of the village lifestyle away from all the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Shivanasamudra is one of the first hydro electric power centre in Asia which is located near the two beautiful waterfalls Gaganachukki and Bharachukki which splits from the flowing Kaveri river. Located at around 135 kms from Bangalore, it is a beauty worth watching during monsoons. Travelling via Kanakapura and Malavalli to reach the spot, is also near to the city of Palaces, Mysore.

Gaganachukki Waterfalls

Gaganachukki Waterfalls

While travelling from Malavalli towards Shivanasamudra, there is a deviation towards the left where there is an arch welcoming you to the place. After travelling for few kilometers you will find the Waterfalls which is split in to two gushing stream of water. There are steps to go down near the falls but as the precautionary measure it is closed by the tourism department. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder they say, but here you do not get the choice to decide because of the mesmerising sight of the waterfall.

Parking is free here and there is no entry fee to visit this place. There are small stalls in the surroundings which will serve some snacks, fruits, sugarcane juice and toys for kids. Beware of monkeys because they are everywhere.

Now after watching the splendid falls you might start thinking that let me get some bhel or fruits and have it sitting in the bench at the view point then never do it. Because the very next moment it will be in the mouth of those cute creatures.

Bharachukki waterfalls

Bharachukki waterfalls

Bharachukki waterfalls is around 11 kms away from the Gaganachukki waterfalls and is a delightful sight to behold. On the way you get couple of ancient temples. The timings to visit this place is 9.00 AM - 5.00 PM all the days and they charge a nominal fee of 20 Rs as parking charges for your vehicle.

Are you game for some monkey business, as there are several of it even here. Here the waterfall is more splendid and voluminous. There is also an observation deck or a watch tower to be precise from where you get the view of the Bharachukki waterfalls.


  1. June to October is the best time to visit this place.

  2. Post monsoon, on the way to Bharachukki there is a river where you can take the coracle ride for a fee of 150 Rs per person. They give a life jacket as well.

  3. There are no restaurants near to this place only small snack stalls.

  4. For lodging there is a KSTDC guest house.

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