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  • Sahana Kulkarni

Panchapalli dam and Aiyur forest - Day trip from Bangalore

Spending time in the lap of mother nature fascinates me a lot. It is my second visit of it's kind and my happiness factor increased a bit more this time. Chirping of birds, a beautiful landscape, swirling roads at some places, group of monkeys tasting some wild berries and a serene lake is not dime a dozen.

Day was well spent doing a road trip from Bangalore to Aiyur forest and Panchapalli dam. Aiyur forest is most likely a bamboo forest with a beautiful lake which is also popularly called as elephant water hole. Panchapalli dam is all about the landscape where the river flows between the highlands which I was enamoured of.

Drive through the Aiyur forest

After many discussions we zeroed in on visiting this place and by the time we started it was 12 pm in the afternoon. Driving through Hosur we took a diversion towards right from the highway to a place called Denkanitokkai. Then there was our struggle to find some good hotel for having lunch. After couple of rounds in the town we found a small mess and were done with the lunch. Then the journey started towards Aiyur forest.

After about 20 kms from Denkanikottai towards Bettamugilalam, we found couple of guys from the forest department stopping the car. It was a checkpoint where they entered our vehicle details, enquired about the place we are visiting and the purpose of our visit. A nominal amount of 50 Rs was collected at the checkpoint and we were allowed to proceed further.

As we enter the forest, landscape changes drastically with lots of huge bamboo tress engulfing the place. Melodious calls of the birdies definitely indicated that it is a paradise for bird watchers. It is an elephant corridor and couple of kilometers ahead we find Samiyeri lake. A lake also known as Elephant water hole whose borders are decorated with the bamboo trees again. There is an elephant watch tower nearby.

After spending some time there, we proceeded further towards Bettamugilalam. It is a small village and nothing much to do there. The drive through the Bamboo forest and the curved roads makes the drive fun. Heading back on the same road through the exit of the reserve forest I took the route towards Panchapalli dam.

Panchapalli Dam

I could see the huge mountains as i neared the Panchapalli dam. This dam is about 34 kms from Denkanikottai. The river flowing in the valley is a sight to watch. As the weather was surprisingly cool by the time I reached there, I just sat and watched the view with awe. At evening 5.30 pm the sun was getting ready to disappear from the sky and I was rejuvenated with the cool breeze on my face.

This place is an offbeat destination, not crowded by people. I could see lots of monkeys in the dam. Ready for some monkey business? There are no eateries anywhere in either of the places. The only nearest place to have food is Denkanikottai or Hosur. A nice picnic spot to spend the time. I am definitely returning back to this place again.

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