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Kasaragod: My penchant for the beach

A lazy evening should end with a lazy sunset. Watching one sitting by the shore, is what always I love doing. Splashes of water, loud smiles, kids running, the innumerable foot steps on the sand, names written and washed away by the water, watching the sun go down... Ah that will be some part of it. But watching those waves tirelessly hit the shore and the changing colors of the sun is a treat to watch when you visit a beach. That encapsulates the mind for sometime.

I end up visiting beach very frequently and I do not regret it. There is some kind of happiness here. Visiting the Kasaragod beach after many many years brought few of my memories back. As a kid my dad had taken me here and I remember collecting lots of sea shells and those getting thrown away without my knowledge by my mom. I must say, as a kid i was a hoarder.

Kasaragod is a district in North Kerala and is quite a place to visit. Travelling through the thick forests and narrow roads which are just like a moving snake, I reached this place to witness the sunset. Kasaragod has people speaking Malayalam / Kannada as their language as it is in the neighbourhood of Karnataka.

Perhaps a sand castle?

Beach is around three to four kilometers from the city centre. Along the coast there are houses lined up that are 200 - 300 meters away from the merciless Arabian sea. Rainy season is definitely a worry for them. The beach is clean and is deep. The danger board welcomes the visitors before they set foot on the sand. The beach has a fence of coconut trees and a lighthouse that stares the sea day in and day out. The lighthouse is open for the visitors for a brief period of an hour and the entry fee is very minimal. The entry is closed by 6 PM. I bet the view from the top would be worth the penny.

The light house

Other major tourist attractions in Kasaragod are the Bekal fort of the 'Bombay' movie fame and Madhur temple with its unique architecture.

Some Useful Tips

  • Mangalore and Kannur are the nearest cities to reach this place.

  • Good time to visit would be August - January as the summer and rainy seasons are both extreme here.

  • It is difficult to find Pure Vegetarian hotels. There are some but less than the finger count.

  • Sea food is popular as it is a coastal region.

  • If you like playing in the beach then this one is not for you. There are other beaches like Bekal, Manjeshwara near by.

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