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8 Things to do in Dubai.

Dubai is a charming city filled with tourists from all over the world. I was so spell bound when i saw the city which is so clean with such a good infrastructure. Plenty of Sky Scrappers. Luxurious cars. Shoppers' paradise. It flaunts all the wealth it has got. But every tourist spot here is man made. There is nothing natural and if you are a nature lover then you would not be that happy to visit this hell of a place.

The development work which has undergone here since the oil mining started is massive. If you see the picture of old and new Dubai, it is so contrast. Majority of the people who come here seeking work are Indians, Pakistanis and Filipinos. Dubai is the place which has got many records and they are happy making records.


It is the tallest structure that has been ever built till date. If you are visiting Burj Khalifa then make sure you have the reservations before hand. It is next to one of the biggest mall in the world, Dubai Mall(As of 2018). I visited the 124th and 125th floor of the Burj Khalifa. The view from there is so amazing. Ah i forgot to mention one more thing. The Elevators which take you to the 124th floor. It would take a minute to reach there! Don't believe me??

Time Required : 2 hrs

Rating : 5/5

Best time of the day to visit : Anytime


One of the largest mall in the world makes you go crazy if you are a shopaholic. The brand you name it, you have it. You get a very nice view of Burj Khalifa from outside of the mall. There is a metro station as well linked to the Dubai mall.

Evening is the best time to visit as there are fountain shows which is very beautiful as per reviews. I missed this part as i visited the mall by morning. There is an aquarium also inside the mall with the sharks and many species of fishes. My worst nightmare is what if the glasses of the aquarium broke :) (Which would not happen anyway).

Time Required : Half a day(If you are interested in shopping)

Rating : 4/5

Best time of the day to visit: Evening


It is a bus ride which takes you throughout the Dubai to the places like Jumeirah Beach, Old Dubai, Zabeel palace, King's Palace, Atlantis, Sheikh Zayed Road. The world's biggest picture frame which is made of gold was not yet open the time i visited. But i got a glimpse of it which connects Old and New Dubai.

Time Required : Half a day

Rating : 3/5

Best time of the day to visit : Anytime


This is fun!!! Really. It is adventurous. You get to ride the Quad bike in the desert. The cost is reasonable. The Land Cruiser was our vehicle for the tumultuous Safari. The ups and downs in the desert, where you be on the mercy of your seat belt is a hell of a ride. If you are an adventure loving person then this is for you.

After the Safari ends there will be a belly dance show along with some stunts performed by the locals. Food served here is pathetic. Overall the belly dance and the food are not that great or enjoying.

Time Required : Half a day

Rating : 4.5/5(For Desert Safari and Quad bike activity)

Best time of the day to visit : Evening


A splendid dinner with your loved ones on the cruise by enjoying the magnificent buildings lit up with the lights is the best thing anybody would want. One would feel as if they are in some magical world just sailing across, and all you see around are the sky scrappers electrified. I wonder how much electricity will Dubai need per day. I enjoyed the night. I saw few model houses.. oops it is floating houses. Yes you heard me right. Food in the cruise is good. As i am a vegetarian i did not have much options. Saw some fountain shows as well, which goes on with different theme every half an hour once.

Time Required : 3 hrs

Rating : 4.5/5

Best time of the day to visit : Night


I loved this one! You get to do all thrilling rides which you can enjoy to the fullest. As i told you earlier Dubai is busy making records and this water park has got some record breaking rides.

You can do Zipline. Slides which passes in between the shark lagoons. It would be the end of the slide before you realise that there are shark surrounding you. There is Dolphin show, Lazy river. You can also opt for Scuba diving with the Sharks.. But you need to prebook the ticket for that.

I tried Leap of Faith!!! I was scared to death. There is another ride called Poseidon. Try these if you visit this place.

Time Required : 1 day

Rating : 5/5

Best time of the day to visit : Throughout the day


This is the most beautiful aquarium i have seen till date. The sight soothes your mind. They have different species of aquatic creatures here. It is a maze and you will be definitely lost. The ruins of the Atlantis, with Scuba divers and many school of fishes is mesmerising.

Once you have completed your rides in the Aquaventure water park, you can visit the Lost Chambers.

Time Required : 1 - 2 hrs

Rating : 4.5/5

Best time of the day to visit : Throughout the day


If you are a shopping freak and a foodie then this is the perfect place for you. It opens by evening and will be open till midnight. There are stalls from many different countries from all over the world. The important thing here to notice is you should be a very good bargainer. The prices are usually high and you can start bargaining for 50% less. I bought a frock for my lil daughter. Some collectibles, perfumes, honey, sweet made of dates. You get cabs to return to your hotel even during midnight. If your legs are strong then you are all set to explore this vast place.

Time Required : 4 - 5 hrs

Rating : 4/5

Best time of the day to visit : Night

Some of the other places you can visit are Gold Souk. Souk means market. Old Dubai- Meena Bazar, Dubai Museum, Fort.

Hotel i stayed : Holiday Inn Express, Jumeirah.

Rating : 4.5/5

Travel cost : 60,000 INR

Travelled On : Dec,2017

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