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Hanumagiri : An abode of peace

It was the first time i got such a long vacation for 10 days on the eve of Christmas and New year. Without any concrete plans for travelling i was getting pushed to the boredom at my home. A random thought of travelling to a place of worship and scenery crossed my mind, which was nearby to the place where i come from.

Travelling is fun when you make sudden plans, get set and go. The peace what you get at the place of worship and the greenery all around soothes your mind to a great extent. How much ever far i see it is only and only forest and it is a happy feeling. Hanumagiri is situated on a hillock, where they have two grand structures of Lord Hanuman and Rama.

If you are interested in the mythological story of Ramayan, you have all the major events which is described in the form of pictorial carving along with the narration in Kannada. You climb the hillock reading those narrations one by one and you reach the Hanuman temple. Amidst the lush green forest, chirping of birds, far away from the daily chaos you have some peaceful time all for yourself.

Walking further i was in the garden with the colourful flowering plants. My barefoot was happy walking along the path and it was a visual treat for the eyes. I sat down for a while looking at the forest, drifted away in my own thoughts. I was enjoying the cool breeze in the evening which is a luxury as the region is usually hot in the morning until sunset.

Mandavi Art Gallery - A fine collection

I ventured in to this art gallery which is small but amazing. Lot of idols carved out of wood were telling one or the other stories from the past era. A statue of Yakshagana veshadhari says how proud the people of the region are about their art and culture.

Top of the Hanumagiri

At the top i saw an idol of Lord Rama. What a grand stature! My thoughts were how can somebody carry such a huge stone carving in to that place which is at the top of the hillock. There is so much of effort put by the people in order to maintain the temple and the surrounding in a such a cleaner way.

How to reach?

The place Hanumagiri lies in Eshwaramangala, which is in between Sullia and Puttur, Karnataka, India. One has to take the deviation from the highway and travel for around 7-8 kms to reach this place. There are public transport till Eshwaramangala from Sullia or Puttur. From the village you have to take an auto to reach this place which is at 2 kms distance.

There is a guest house facility also available if you wish to stay over night.

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