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A roadtrip to Mekedatu, Chunchi falls.

I made a random plan to get out of Bangalore and visit some nice place over the weekend. I had the same question in my mind.. Where to go? As it is rainy season i was skeptical about travelling and did not want to end up getting stuck in rain. After so many yes and no, finally i started my journey towards Mekedatu.

There are three places you can visit if you are planning a trip towards Mekedatu, which will cover your entire day.

#1. Chunchi Falls

This beautiful place is around 90 kms from Bangalore. Small water fall surrounded by boulders and small rocks is a place worth visiting. As it has not started raining very heavily yet across Bangalore region, we managed to trek down till the waterfalls to enjoy the fantastic view. It would be even more beautiful to watch if you are visiting just after the rainy reason. You can sit and enjoy the view but you cannot step down to get drenched in the water. The water here is around 40 - 60 feet deep and very dangerous.

There was a guide who took us to the top of the falls and the trekking is very fun. Rocks are slippery and one should be very careful while climbing. At the top of the falls there is a place where one can get in to the water and have fun. If you are adventurous then it is a must visit place for you. Roads for couple of kilometres are not in good condition while taking turn to Chunchi from Kanakapura-Sangama road.

Tips and Suggestions:

1. Please avoid trekking down to this place if you are old or have small kids with you. Trekking down is very dangerous.

2. Make sure you are wearing shoes to get a good grip while descending down towards the waterfalls. There are no steps and the path is man made mud narrow road.

3. Carry food if possible. There are only small stalls which serve maggi, cucumbers, bread omelette. Not that hygienic. No hotels available.

4. Get a pair of extra clothes if you are planning to take a dip in the water.

Time Required: 3-4 hrs if you are trekking

Rating: 3.5/5

Best time of the day to visit: Morning

How to reach?

Town/City nearby : Kanakapura

Other attractions nearby : Sangama, Mekedatu

Transportation : Self

#2. Sangama

Sangama is a place where river Kaveri meets river Arakavati. Evening around 3-4pm will be the best time to visit this place as there will not be scorching sun and one can sit and relax in the banks of the river. If the water level is less then it is a good place to take dip in the water and enjoy your time.

This place is around 14-16kms from Chunchi. One can visit the place after visiting Chunchi falls. Taking bath here is recommended than in the Chunchi falls. Kids can enjoy a lot. As it is a flowing water and if the current is heavy people will not be allowed to get in to the water.

Time Required: 1-2 hrs

Rating: 3/5

Best time of the day to visit: Evening

How to reach?

Town/City nearby : Kanakapura

Other attractions nearby : Mekedatu, Chunchi falls, Galibore fishing camp

Transportation : There are KSRTC buses from Kanakapura. Last bus leaves Sangama by 6.30pm.

#3. Mekedatu

I don't know for sure whether the goat crossed the gorge but the age old story says so. 'Meke' means goat in Kannada and 'Datu' means cross. It is a narrow gorge where the river Kaveri flows. The gorge is considerably deep and it is a dangerous place if you are not careful. If it is rainy season then the entry is not allowed down near the gorge. There are steps to get down to the gorge which is steep but the scenic view is worth watching. There are holes on the boulders due to the erosion caused by flowing water.

Mekedatu is deep inside the forest and you need to take a bumpy bus ride to reach here from Sangama. Bus charges are nominal, 60Rs per person to and fro. There are no roads. From Sangama it is around 5-6kms. Interesting part is if the water current is less then you have to cross the waist deep water in Sangama from one side to another. If the current is high then there are coracles available which will take you from one side to the other side of Sangama from where you can catch the bus.

Time Required: 1 hr

Rating: 4/5

Best time of the day to visit: Evening

How to reach?

Town/City nearby : Kanakapura

Other attractions nearby : Chunchi falls, Galibore fishing camp

Transportation : Coracles to cross the Sangama. Private buses to Mekedatu from Sangama.

If you have visited these places let me know which place did you like the most and how was your experience?

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